Still Life

We teamed up with Alexander Klebe and ItsaDesign for a rather unusual image project, staging a few autumnal still lifes. The occasion was the new collection of hand-painted canvas backgrounds from La Imitola Backdrops. Normally I’m more the portrait photographer interested in people, but also such a still life has developed a special charm. You automatically start to position everything down to the smallest detail so that it somehow coherently finds a form together. Then the colors of the elements are meticulously matched to the background and everything is shifted around until the image gets a certain depth and harmony that convinces everyone. Also the light is always adjusted a little and refined with shadows until the mood is right.

The process to the images was also captured in a few shots. I found the work with the canvases as a background particularly exciting, as this creates a warm depth in the image, which is actually relatively easy to „build“. I was equally surprised with the radiant colors of the backgrounds, which were excellent in both tungsten and daylight, and can be enhanced with more contrast or a vignette as desired in post-production.

Overall was a refreshing exercise and I think we manage to produce some great pictures and had been able to take some “making of” pictures to show you how easy is to work with canvas backdrops as background for product and art photography as well as to show you all the possibilities and richness that hand painted backdrops give to the final work. We sure love it!

Featured backdrops in this shots are the Motted blue-grey #2, Plenilunio #2 and Chilli. Our medium and large size drops now in the shop . Visit us and get inspired!

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