“The sacred and the profane” with Alexandre Folgoso

Last fall I had the pleasure of working with the Galician photographer, Alexandre Folgoso, who had just moved to Berlin and whom I met in an unexpected but very berlinesque way; at my talented hairdresser, Sara Garcia‘s place. He was there to take some pictures for Sara and we ended up taking for hours about art, photography and backdrops.

I was so inspired by Alexandre´s work with analog photography and the immediate creative flow and connection we had, that we arranged a meeting and made plans to work together that same day. Im so into this collaborations with photographers that inspire me with their work and specially the ones who seek the poetry and the storytelling in their images, that’s why I was so keen to work with Alexandre in The sacred and the profane, a series of photographs & mixed media inspired in Las Meninas of Velázquez and of course, the book by Eliade Mircea in which Eliade an anthropologist and historian attempt to describe how religious people experienced the sacred throw all times, the myths of the divine and the profanities with all it misunderstandings. At that time I had just finished painting the first layers of the Fenix backdrop at my studio and thought it would be perfect to create an atmosphere and the visual effects needed for this project. So, we met in his studio on a sunny day in October along with Nuria, my social media trainee and with three friends of Alexandre who where posing for him, Violeta, Edgar and Andrea, a physician, a biomass specialist and a space engineer, all natural models and amazing humans, I spend the shooting learning lots about Galicia and connecting with them in many social and political views while in the process that it was in deed a great day.

Soon I will be sharing The sacred and the profane photographs with you but I in the meanwhile I will leave you with the final pictures Alexandre will intervene in the realization of this series. Enjoy and get inspired!

Alexandre Folgoso (born in Xinzo de Limia, 1996) is a Galician photographer who analyzes the state of the world he inhabits through his photographic work. He believes in the craftsmanship of chemical photography, which is endowed with a significance that is not present in the daily procedures that simplify the expressive and poetic capacity of the medium. 

To check and follow Alexander’s work on Instagram @negralente 

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