„The sacred and the profane“ with Alexandre Folgoso

Last fall, I had the privilege of collaborating with Galician photographer, Alexandre Folgoso, who had recently relocated to Berlin. Our chance encounter took place at my hairdresser’s, Sara Garcia’s, where Alexandre was taking photos for her. As we chatted about art, photography, and backdrops, I was so struck by Alexandre’s passion for analog photography that we quickly arranged a meeting to work together.

As a lover of collaboration with photographers who infuse their work with poetry and storytelling, I was eager to work with Alexandre on „The Sacred and the Profane,“ a series of photographs and mixed media inspired by Velázquez’s „Las Meninas“ and the book by anthropologist and historian Mircea Eliade. At the time, I had just completed the first layers of the Fenix backdrop and felt it was the perfect addition to the atmosphere and visual effects needed for this project.

The following October, I, along with my social media trainee Nuria, joined Alexandre and three friends of his, Violeta, Edgar, and Andrea, a physician, biomass specialist, and space engineer, for the photoshoot. As we spent the day capturing the images, I was not only introduced to the rich culture of Galicia but also found common ground with the models on various social and political issues.

As I eagerly await the final images from „The Sacred and the Profane,“ I invite you to enjoy the sneak peek of Alexandre’s participation in the creation of this series. Get inspired!

The secret and the profane photoshoot featuring the Fenix backdrop

Alexandre Folgoso (born in Xinzo de Limia, 1996) is a Galician photographer who analyzes the state of the world he inhabits through his photographic work. He believes in the craftsmanship of chemical photography, which is endowed with a significance that is not present in the daily procedures that simplify the expressive and poetic capacity of the medium. 

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